Tank Girl Redux

I either end up drawing the Hulk or tank girl it seems when I don’t know what to draw. I think this speaks more to my desire to draw them successfully more than anything else. I actually based this on a nice cosplay reference I ran into a few days Read More


I have always wanted to draw the Krampus. Such an interesting history and easily the one of the best things to tell a young child that is being naughty around Christmas time. I have always wondered why it never really caught on around here. Anyways, I did a quick sketch Read More


Working with some new brushes. Not finished with this by any means. I just wanted to post some progress on it. I hope I can get this done by next week. I missed an opportunity to be in a show but I want to see if I can wiggle my Read More


This would be the almost finished piece for the client. I had to make some adjustments to the anatomy as it was simply too much for me to let go. the client was happy with the piece but after an additional day of picking it apart I felt it would Read More

The Chromatics

The whole purpose of this piece was to study some new thoughts I had on digital underpainting techniques. I am continually striving to try and make my digital work look and feel as natural as possible. I had though the the traditional underpainting process would be an important part of Read More