Bombshell Bitters

The end product was a solid brand from the client from concept to implementation. A vintage logo with a modern twist. A classy pinup gal to give the product a classic feel and a happy client. We even managed to develop a website to ensure continuity across the board. One Read More


After losing sleep and putting some extra time into it I was much happier with the result on this one. The lighting was improved and the portraits had some nice moments where the skin felt real to me. The are other portions where the structure almost feels like a caricature Read More


Ultimately, the goal was to create a hypothetical website for The Carolina Ale house that was more in line with modern web design standards without going so far as to alienate their existing clientele and demographic. I also wanted to consider a better way for the client to update their Read More


The original idea for the site. As you can see this one is very similar. I did make some color changes as added some sections to my homepage. The footer also has more content in it now. This is a part of the wordpress functionality that I do enjoy. The Read More


This would be the almost finished piece for the client. I had to make some adjustments to the anatomy as it was simply too much for me to let go. the client was happy with the piece but after an additional day of picking it apart I felt it would Read More

The Chromatics

The whole purpose of this piece was to study some new thoughts I had on digital underpainting techniques. I am continually striving to try and make my digital work look and feel as natural as possible. I had though the the traditional underpainting process would be an important part of Read More